Reviews From Regular Every Day People

Reviews From Regular Every Day People

Below you'll see our reviews...
These are regular every day people. They don't have MBA's they weren't handed connections, they didn't start off backed by VC funding. They simply took action, believed in themselves, took a chance and followed the system. 

Below you'll see our reviews... 

These are regular every day people. They don't have MBA's they weren't handed connections, they didn't start off backed by VC funding. They simply took action, believed in themselves, took a chance and followed the system. 

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"This program really contributed to the growth of my company. I have more appointments than ever. I have more clients than ever."
-Jourdan Eloriaga

"2 days of switching scripts, I started banging on calls. I got people emailing and that's aside the calls I get." -James Poulin

"JR has taken us from 5k a month, to 10k a month to 15k. Last month, we did 30k. He's gonna take us to where we're 7-figure. I honestly, firmly believe that."

In the first 30-days I literally went from zero to my 1st $11,000 a month and now, May 21st, we're doing about $31,000 a month and profit is about 95%. And all of this, is thanks to JR, and his course and program."
-Johnny Vo

"I landed my first client after two weeks of working with JR. In one weekend, I got my first sales call, the second weekend, I landed my first client!"
- Ayla

"We were able to pick up 8 clients in a course of 90 days using the system...There's this other things and I love this: I was able to take our VA that we got from JR, she's our receptionist now. And she's doing all sorts of admin tasks in addition to doing some of the prospects and all that."

"There's not a single thing missing on his program...That's everything's that taken care of. On top of that, he's live with us every Tuesday and Thursday which makes it better for us to communicate. So all in all, it's a good investment."

"I was really blown away. I joined the program and a month later, here we are. We have 4 booked appointments  in the calendar, wee one of prospecting."
-Kevin M.

"I hired a VA 2 weeks ago and the last week and a half, I had more sales calls than the last 4-5 months combined just 'cause of consistent day to day outreach."
- Trenton

"I was able to close a $7,500 coaching and marketing package for a client for 2 months. It was awesome."
- Steve L. 

"We added 10 new clients in 30 days."
-Gabe P.

"It's not until I found JR Rivas and his program that I decided to take action and figure out how to get appointments inbound without me having to lift a single finger at 18 years old!"
-Jared C.

"I joined the program in May, and now it's August. I was able to sign 4 organizations in my niche. Guess what my niche is: Cybersecurity. I never knew I could do this using my knowledge...But after speaking with JR and the group, I was motivated!"
-Ebenezer O.

"I joined JR 2 months ago. Currently. we're at 5 clients now. And $1.5k a month. I'm happy to say that things have changed. Thanks to JR and his systems."

"We soon found out, it was very worth it. We saw value on the first day of getting in the program and knew we were getting our investment back...We've got all the process that JR taught us up and running and it is going great!"
- Rick and Jen

"Working with JR was the leverage, I learned how to hire a VA which was really a game changer for my business. Being able to have someone help me remotely, to set my appointments. It's probably one of the biggest things that has helped me."
- Ricardo

When I purchased his (JR's) course in June, I just graduated college, I was working in a country club making $16 an hour...We circle back now, at the end of September, we hit our goal of $10k per month and the course goal. This is what I dreamt of when I purchased the course and took the risk. So, all thanks to JR! 
-Anthony C.

"My friend and I discussed it, joining Instant Leverage: It proved to be a really good investment...There's a lot of valuable information and you will become a part of a community that's gonna provide value on a daily basis."
- Rafael 

"When I first started my agency, JR was the first person to really put us in the right path. And now, we are doing $200,000 per month with our agency."

"JR's process works to get some incredible VAs into the door and the best part about this is $3 an hour."
- Sema

"I joined his coaching program and been a part of a number of his masterminds. All so powerful, all so helpful. Before meeting JR, one of the biggest things that I struggled with was getting in the right mindset. Just taking massive action and attacking my goals and that's something that JR has really pounded to me."
-Danny M.

"Over the past few months that I've been a part of his program has been absolutely fantastic. The VA they were able to find for me has been absolutely phenomenal in terms of the work that she's done for me, and answering sales calls as well."
-Euan S.

"This program will help you get your foot in the door, but it will also help you go from zero, where I was when I started to $30k a month which some people in the program are at."

"I'm 10x more productive than I was before I started a couple of months earlier. Being in the last month, I'm seeing things, they're progressively better and I'm increasing my business."
-Colby H. 

"Jr and his team, they are amazing. They will do everything for you, so you can be successful!"
-Jose F.

"The first phone call I made following his framework, I closed a $6,000 deal."

"He (JR) gave us this phone call framework...and started using it. When I did, I closed four sales, in a matter of three days all on my first initial call."
- Allie

"JR has a pretty built-in system where the prospects reach out to me. The first time I offer my services to the public, I end up getting 29 sales calls booked and also to the point where I was almost running out of slots."
- Jude 

"We signed up Thursday and got our first appointment on Monday" - Rafael

"JR and his team helped us understand: it was a total game changer for us and if you're looking to expand your business, and make your life easier, and set your VA up for success, I highly recommend the Instant Leverage train"
- Brett

"I've been doing that (course) and we tripled the investment of what I put into his program and my group is growing faster than ever and there's way more engagement in there" 
- John 

"$1,600 in, $5,000 out and it has been growing from there"
- Jake 

We had the first conversation and you can tell when somebody gets it; when somebody knows about it... Tremendous value and education here, today."
- Dustin

"I used his (JR) Facebook advertising strategies to land myself to new trial clients, 4 phone calls, and I have another one lined up next week."
- Brian

"Literally, from the time he was helping me with a group, until now: hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue can be accounted to directly as a result of the work that JR put in"
- Joseph 

"I kid you not, I get anywhere from 20,30-40 requests a day; people, real estate agents knocking on my door begging to come in."

"I did $4,000  by just doing what JR has instructed us to do"

"With JR, these stuff actually, finally caught some ground and I'm surprised...with JR Rivas, I'm just blown away!"
- Criss Sayre

"After a week of the launch, teaching me everything he knows. I just counted up the numbers right now and did $16,000 in less than a week."

"It's been crazy! Just for my affiliate products, I get 10-12 people cold messaging me and asking for help, that are perfect leads for my coaching or affiliate products."

"I was able to pick-up a number of clients in the chiropractic industry and those same clients are still with me 'til today"

"I got the ads up and within 24 hours, in less than $10 ad spent, I had closed another client, got them on the phone, they called me...I just closed them. Another thousand dollars"

"JR has a style of teaching that he wants his students to succeed and he's super helpful. So yeah, I love what he's done to my career."

"I applied the tips and trick you taught me and I made 10 grand on a Facebook post."
- Jeff

"I had people running to my website, running to my Messenger."
- Delilah 

"I was able to make $2, 800 in just 5 days with the strategies that JR taught me." 

"In the past 2 weeks, I've been working with him, I just made 300 bucks in a little less than an hour."
- Depaul 

"I would highly, highly recommend. I really did get so much of it and it's just like a eal boost of motivation and drive to keep pushing forward."

"Within a couple of weeks, I was able to make my money back. Honestly, it wad the best investment I have made."

"It's definitely money well spent, especially when your #1 priority, almost for any marketer, is getting a deposit of ROI. The investment that we made in paying this guy (JR) to do this for us, was a quite a bit of money, was well worth it."

"He's (JR) extremely knowledgeable and genuine and I can tell he is learning everyday to add to his knowledge...but I get the sense that he does a good job at staying at the top of it and he was super invested in my success."
- Apollo

"I was able to scale my ...  business from 4-figures all the way up to multiple 5-figures."
- Andrew 

"We were able to deliver amazing results all due to JR Rivas' training course and all the values he shares to us."

"I just used JR's acquisition funnel method to get a trial client for running Facebook ads as a chiropractor. It worked great!"
- Russell

"In just a month and a half, 110 leads which is phenomenal...51 actually set appointments...23 showed new patients have tripled since I started with you guys and my collections, have doubled  "
- Jeffrey

"(To JR) I was able to use your real estate funnel, which you gave completely free to land two clients last month that put me just over $11,000 for my marketing business"

"I enjoy these Masterminds specifically by JR because it helps establish a four-million mile. It helps you connect to people who are widely more successful than you are and uts you in a really cool position to shortcut your path to success."

"I have not seen may people care about their coaching students; their clients like JR who go above and beyond to make sure we get success in working with him and just connecting them to the right kinds of people. The results I've seen from his students are extremely incredible"

"JR is absolutely fantastic at what he does especially with positioning himself the authority in the digital marketing space and helping other people who position themselves as authorities, I mean that's how you blow-up your personal brand and your business so he's excellent at that."
- Andrew

"JR has an innate sense of marketing  and how to apply to it to any business and he's done so much and helped so many people, he's seen so many things plus he has the unique ability to understand marketing. He just thinks marketing and the effect he has on people's business is beyond comprehension."
- Chris

"A hundred percent I recommend JR.The guy has already proven, he's already done it."

"JR has helped me; we've been friends for a while now. Even along the way, he's always there to give me actionable things that I can use to grow my business."
- Mark

"I recommend him (JR) for anything. The guy is going places."

"I would tell them to look at the results that he's created for for other people and that they're actually real and just to do it."

"Now, I have two clients from my Social Media Marketing Agency and that's something that I was afraid to do...Based on the values that he provided me, I took action."

"That he's (JR) very concerned about the state of entrepreneurship and he wanted to be there as a stabilizing force and I think he accomplished a big part of that goal."

"We talked about hgh leverage moves and find those high leverage moves, implement them. Do it!"

"I would highly recommend going to one of JR's events. He's got a lot of people in his network and he'll introduce you to people that can literally change your life!"

"I earned back 5x the cost of what the Mastermind event was. it is a no-brainer."

"If I hadn't had his advice, or some of his ...funnels, I probably wont be able to do it."

"It's been 24 hours and I'm off $300...From that post, people have reached out to me."

"I have no doubt in my mind that doing the other things that he told me to do would help me a 10x or possibly or more."

"The program is really intimate, you can definitely reach out to JR if you're stuck and he'll respond, not someone else...Just take a leap of faith because this literally become a game changer."
-Ash Rahman

"You (JR) really helped me redefine the way that I do business and this helped me so, so much. From personal branding to now growing a Facebook group with over 800 members in a little bit under 3 income has grown drastically"

"He's a great deal! So if you're serous with you're doing, go for it."